The stained-glass windows made by Arthur Schouler




He is born the 28th October 1927 in Fouligny. He discovers his talent for drawing and painting very young. During the war he is called to the empire fatigue duty and the armed forces. In January 1945 he continues his studies at “L’Ecole des Beaux Arts” in Paris with his professor Nicolas Untersteller. He works painting, sculpture and music.


At the end of his studies he comes back to Saint-Avold and learns himself in sculpture and stained glass. He works, draws, conceives, and creates as glass artist during several years, until 1984, year in which he dies under disease.


16 church windows, each of them composed of a 22-scenes edge, have a surface area of 420 square metres. They were realised by Arthur Schouler, an artist native of Saint-Avold, between 1969 and 1971. These windows replace those made in 1910 by a German company: they were destroyed by an American bomb failed in 1944 on the Abbey-Church.

In the choir and in the transept, you will see a central motif with the theme of each window. The themes of the nave windows are the Creation and the Four Elements (water, wind, earth and fire). Enjoy the discovery of these beautiful windows: according to the luminosity, new elements will appear. We advise you to use binoculars.

More information and plans with the themes of the windows are available on demand.