The road to Santiago de Compostela in Saint-Avold


This pilgrimage route leads to the grave of the apostle Saint James The Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, over 2 000 kilometers away from Saint-Avold. Saint-Avold is located on an added itinerary of the famous pilgrim road which ends in Compostela. It starts in Speyer in Germany, goes through Saarbrücken and Metz to join Verdun and so on.
If you want to go on this trail, you will find here some useful indications.

The route through Saint-Avold

In red the route crossing Saint-Avold from east to west (from Hombourg-Haut to Longeville-lès-Saint-Avold) in the north of the town. It is marked GR5G in Lorraine : two horizontal lines, one white and one red. Sometimes it also signed with the marking of the Council of Europe representing the symbol of a yellow shell on a blue ground.

In green, indications to join the town center to :
Visit the places marked with the shell

The shell are the symbols of the way of Saint James, you can find them all along the route on different monuments. In Saint-Avold, you can find 3 shells : one on the Sainte-Croix chapel (A), one on the Saint-Nabor Abbey church (B) and one on the chapel of the counts of Créhange (Hôtel de Paris – C).

Put the stamp in the credential

Each pilgrim carries his pilgrim’s passport, also called “credential”. This confirms the status of pilgrim, giving access to refuges in France and Spain and allowing to get at the end the “Compostela”, certificate of completion of the pilgrimage. To receive this certificate, you have to stamp the credential in each town/step of the route. In Saint-Avold, the stamp is delivered :
– at the presbytery – 5 rue de Gaulle – Tél : 00 333 87 92 10 84 (B)
– at the Hotel de Paris – 45 rue Hirschauer – Tél : 00 333 87 92 19 52 (C)
– at the tourist office – 28 rue des Américains – Tél : 00 333 87 91 30 19

Have a look at the tourist office

The opportunity to stamp your pilgrim’s passport, to learn more about the curiosities of the town and the region, buy souvenirs… You didn’t prepare your trail ? We can help you to find accommodation for the night or the following nights.

For information, we are selling maps about the Saint James’s way from Hornbach to Metz.

Stop for the night

Saint-Avold is a good place to stay the night because there are many possibilities of accommodation with a camping/youth hostel, five hotels and five bed and breakfast.
See the complete list of accommodation in Saint-Avold.

The route from Herapel to Metz


As there is not a lot of choice for accommodation between Saint-Avold and Metz, or for those who don’t want to walk a so long distance, you have the possibility to take the bus part of the way. Here the timetables : Line 1 and line 2.