The nature


All the documents you will find here to download are available at the tourist office.




The territory heart of Moselle offers various marked circuits, for all levels, with numerous points of view and surprising places.

If you want to discover, please enjoy one (or more) of the following circuits :

You can also find a walk kit with circuits in Saint-Avold, and the guide du Club Vosgien (more than 20 circuits in the area) at the shop of the tourist office.



Some walks are revealing interesting things about the nature…



  • Way of Saint James to Santiago de Compostela

This pilgrimage route leads to the grave of the apostle Saint James The Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, over 2 000 kilometers away from Saint-Avold. Saint-Avold is located on an added itinerary of the famous pilgrim road which ends in Compostela. It starts in Speyer in Germany, goes through Saarbrücken and Metz to join Verdun and so on.
Click here to learn more about the way through Saint-Avold.

  • The Huguenot path

Download the way



Mountain bike lovers will be pleased to discover all the marked circuits :

  • Base VTT Felsberg in Saint-Avold

Starts at the Felsberg or entry of the forest of Oderfang (rue de l’Ermitage). 6 circuits :

1 – Circuit découverte Oderfang (13 km)
2 – Oderfang-Longeville (19 km)
3 – Oderfang-Porcelette-Creutzwald (36 km)
4 – Oderfang-Boucheporn-Creutzwald (36 km)
5 – Steinberg (27 km)
6 – Steinberg-Jeanne d’Arc (37 km)

They are registered in a brochure availabe at the tourist office or to download here (other circuit : Les énergies d’hier et d’aujourd’hui).

  • Circuits VTT in the District Urbain de Faulquemont

3 circuits starting at the clubhouse from the Union Cycliste de Créhange Faulquemont (Cours du 19 novembre 1944 – 57690 CREHANGE)

Les Chapelles (25 km)
Les Crêtes et la ligne Maginot (25 km)
La Vierge (38 km)

  • Circuits in Pays Boulageois

Circuit des 2 Nieds (23 km) starts in Courcelles Chaussy
Circuit entre Nied et Warndt (18 km) starts in Tromborn




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Jogging, équitation, triathlon, parachutisme… Nous vous invitons à consulter la liste des associations sportives pour plus d’informations.


Profitez de la nature mais ne l’abîmez pas !